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Perform-Max Courier Vehicle Applications Typical courier servicing is generally fairly similar to our other large truck servicing with some key differences. We know that for couriers, the focus of the driving experience is rapid transit in an urban environment that involves a lot of starting and stopping. For this reason we focus on targeting the tires to give extra handling and to save on the life of components that are rapidly worn by the courier vehicles (tires, brakes, suspension, etc)

Products Available:
Where you will save money:
  • Tire Life
  • Brake Life
  • Fuel Economy In Tight Urban Environments (wall to wall traffic and buildings)
  • Servicing (will be requiring these services less often)

Additional Benefits
  • Increased safety through handling, particularly in inclement weather conditions.1
  • Steering and braking becomes more responsive.
  • Reduces the Carbon footprint of the vehicle.
  • Smoother ride for operator.
  • Dust and grit particles are less adhesive to vehicle surface.

How it works:
-The stem caps target the tire, and through the well at the tip, give off a subsonic frequency that allows the tire to drive more soundly on the ground.
-The wax polish is applied to parts of the vehicle that 'flop around' during motion (hoods, wind deflectors, bumpers, antennas, etc), this will change their wind resistance and make the affected parts behave more expectedly.
-The Spray Paint is applied to the underside of the vehicle as a fine mist. This targets the drive shaft, suspension systems, and axles. With the paint applied, the vehicle will drive more soundly and there will be less wear and tear on affected components (Note: the underside of the vehicle does not need to be clean prior to application.)

For more information as to the 'how it works' of Perform-Max products, please see our Innovation section

Example #1 - Owner/Operator Sprinter working for a major courier company in Vancouver, Canada
Yellow Courier Truck
The owner of this vehicle delivers packages for a major courier company and runs deliveries throughout the Vancouver area.

Example #2 - Owner/Operator of two Hinos working on contract to large firms in Vancouver, Canada
Two Hino Courier Trucks
The owner of these two vehicles installed our products on his vehicles and found great results. He has since sold the vehicles and moved on to a job in a new profession, but continues to use our products on his personal vehicles.

Example #3 - Owner/Operator of a large crane truck
Large Crane Demolition Truck
This truck is constantly in and out of heavy construction areas. The vehicle was able to save substantially on fuel consumption, and had found amazing tire wear reduction and performance. You can read exact details about the testing done with this vehicle here and more about the tire wear here.


[1] Perform-Max Tire Valve Caps were used by a manager of a large courier company in Canada, and are now being pitched to the company's safety council by the manager to be used as a safety device for inclement weather conditions.