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Tire Valve Stem Caps

Product Photo - Tire Valve Stem Caps Tune your car for driving through the atmosphere by adjusting how heat evaporates into the air
The classic Tire Valve Stem caps were the first product developed by Perform-Max for use in the automotive industry. They are best option for a casual driver interested in the benefits that Perform-Max can bring to the table.

What it targets
The shape of the cap has a 1/8" to 1/4" well in it, with our product applied to the surface. When the wheel spins, the valve cap gives off a sub-sonic sound which effects the entire signature of the tire as it spins.

The tire valve caps came to be after it was found that our base product to influence harmonics. This was done by chance on a guitarist who used our product. In thinking of the possible ramifications of this, tire stability was a natural venue worth further pursuing, so the stem caps were infused with a chip of our product installed on them and placed on some test vehicle with surprising results. You can find more details about the development of Perform-Max in the history section.

Purchasing Options
The tire valves come in packs of 4 and sell through our distributors.

Tire Tabs

Product Photo - Tire & Brake Tabs
Pictured above: the proper equidistant placement of Perform-Max Tire Tabs & Tape around a wheel.
Tire tabs/tape can be thought of as the first major revision of our product from the stem caps. They were originally developed on the race track where stem caps are not feasible in the rapid exchanging of tires and other components in the pits. The tabs are a fast way to apply the same effects to a tire in an efficient manner.

Purchasing Options
Tire tabs/tape is currently only available through some of our servicing options. They will also be included in our upcoming racing package.