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Jim M - Courier Vehicle Driver In Downtown Vancouver, Canada

Friday, December 05, 2008

Jim is a driver of a 2005 Sprinter and operates as a courier in downtown Vancouver on 12 hour shifts where frequent starts and stops, driving in wet weather, and rugged driving are all part of the job description. Click the play button below to hear his testimonial on using our products. Thanks' Jim!

Jim M. Courier vehicle testimonial.

Brad Fredlund - Independent Fuel Testing Study.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Brad has sent us a letter sharing his experiences in testing our product vs. various other fuel saving devices. He is doing this as an independant fuel test to give consumers a heads up on the most effective fuel saving devices on the market. You can view his website here once he completes his study spring of next year.

Here are a few things he had to say:

"I was travelling an excessive 18, 000 miles a year on my 99 Ford Ranger 4wd v6 Pickup and the valve stem caps are an amazingly simple, quick, and cost-effective way to boost fuel economy and improve tire performance."

"I am no longer sceptical that these little caps work; Once they are spinning in the airflow that surrounds the tires, the embedded mineral works it's magic and has made a great addition to the products and driving techniques I use."

"...and I noticed that when the highway widened up to multiple lanes, the tire noise seemed to disappear completely and I had an erie sensation of 'floating-on-air' that was very smooth..."

You can view the entire letter Brad sent to us here (a direct digital transcribing,) the only things removed were some of Brad's side notes to us.

2001 GM Denali Testing Results

Friday, November 14, 2008

Under the hood of Greg Miller's 2001 Denali

Greg Miller, President of Perform-Max Energy Products Inc. Has posted his results of using the following products on his 2001 GM Denali: Valve Stem Caps (he has now switched to the tire tape), battery acid conditioning, polish (on his hood and bumper), and our spray paint on exhaust system suspension system, drive train, and shock absorbers.
He reports that he is getting 15 miles per US gallon of fuel, where as his Denali is rated at 12 miles. He also has stated that his tires has lasted him 212, 000km, wearing evenly and still functioning past wear bars, and his brakes have lasted him 125, 000km. He boasts a smoother ride to boot. At this date he is at 229, 000km on his truck and counting.

Supply Post December Edition Race Heat Article

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Supply Post December 2008 Edition

See our article in this December's Western edition of the Supply Post entitled 'Race Heat Perform-Max Improves Tire Life' on page 13.