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Increasing Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is a common problem facing all forms of motor vehicles. We see all kinds of gadgets, devices, and new technologies which claim to increase fuel economy. These all focus on the 'new' and cutting edge of today's invention, but what about the old? Perform-Max products work on both new and old vehicles, no matter make or model. This is so because we target specific systems of a vehicle that cause fuel consumption to increase. This encompasses a broad array of many miniature factors that lead up to the overall fuel efficiency of a vehicle. The most important factors we deal with are as follows:

Parasite Drag
We can reduce parasite drag on a vehicle by focusing on two forms of drag that are key components to the overall effect it has on vehicle performance. Interference Drag is drag caused by vortexes that arise due to the shape of a vehicle. Although we cannot reshape the vehicle to eliminate these vortexes, we can effect the way that they flow over the surface of the vehicle. When a motor vehicle is in motion there are three places the air can displace to when it parts: Above the vehicle, under the vehicle, and through the vehicle. We mainly deal with the air underneath the vehicle as it can also affect the systems located there, and cause them to run hotter then what would be considered mechanically sound.
Drag comparison of an aircraft wing Coming Soon: We will be conducting a test on a motorized vehicle using smoke bombs to test the difference in the way that air flows over a vehicle in motion with both PEP products applied and not.

The 2nd form of drag that we can deal with is the surface or skin drag of a vehicle. Our Polish deals with this issue most effectively as it covers the entire surface of the vehicle and reduces the amount of friction that is generated from the air flowing over the surface.

With these two components combined we find that drag on just about any vehicle is reduced slightly. This can have substantial long term effect on fuel savings.

Component Soundness
Motorized vehicles are made up of many small parts which push, bend, and flex while the vehicle is turned on. This is particularily noticable with older equipment, where the vehicle has worn the integreity of the bindings of different parts over a long period of time (Axles, shocks, suspension, and wheels) The shaking, rubbing, grinding, and pumping of all these parts degrades the overall soundness of the vehicle, and produces heat which can adversely effect certain systems. This has a huge impact on fuel economy, as a sound vehicle will travel more efficiently than one that is falling apart. The wheels are the part of the vehicle where this effect is most pronounced. Properly aligned tires that do not 'wobble' around - even on a micro level - are able to spin more efficiently and push the vehicle to its destination without a loss of energy.

A Green Solution To Energy Enhancement

The PEP base product is an all natural deriritive of a plant product. Our range of products serve as a means of applying this product in different ways instead of being a key component to the function of the product itself.

Each product was developed as a solution to various problems faced with applying the base product to different vehicles, or for specific reasons (for example; Tire Valve Stem Caps are not practical in racing conditions because the tires are changed so frequently and quickly.) PEP products do not effect the environment in a negative way because they work through subsonic frequencies to effect the way a mechanical device spins, or the way electrons will flow from a high pressure area to a low pressure area.

Additionaly, because the products will make components last longer, this too, can be seen as a way in which Perform-Max Energy Products are not only Environment Friendly, but help you save the amount of waste from damaged tires, brake effluents, and wasted gasoline.

Dust Pluming and Mist Kickup from Tires

Dust pluming and mist kickup in incliment weather conditions are issues that every trucker has to deal with, and chances are if you have driven behind a large truck in such conditions, you probably know that it it can block vision and be a driving hazard. What is interesting, is that because Perform-Max products affect the environment of the vehicle, the kickoff of these two effects is greatly reduced. We first found this out through another project where we used a propeller mounted on the back of a trailer in Alberta in order to reduce the amount of dust kick-off the vehicle made down the gravel roads. We have since found that we got the same effect using our other product methods, and that as a bonus, the areas our products are applied to are cleaner.

The reason why both dust and mist kick-offs are reduced is because there is an increase in stability of the tires it's applied to. These tires then pickup less precipitation and dirt from the road, and kick up less to the air behind them.