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Mission Statement

Perform-Max Energy Products has been around for aproximately 3 years. Greg Miller founded the company based on his research into natural health and food sciences through his 15 years of experience in human health and performance. He has done research, development, and practical use of these products and learned the variety of ways that one can affect an object - living or non - by altering its environment.

Most of what Greg has discovered in his health product has helped him to research the possibilities for Perform-Max. A little thinking outside of the box has gone a long way in increasing performance. Greg is currently developing an athletic product which bears many simularities to our Spray Paint.

Athletes gain energy for their performance by spraying the product completely outside of the body while they are in a relaxed state. Through this method, the athlete is able to gain energy through their nervous system and offset barriers to physical achievement (such as the build up of lactic acid in the muscles.)

Perform-Max products are all about making use of energies and power that already exist, we are not adding anything to the system. Rather we are adjusting it in such a way that mechanical efficiency is increased through everything working together in mutual harmonization. This can make new machinery run better than it would otherwise, and older equipment run closer to their newer counterparts. We also consistantly find a longer component life span.

We can achieve this by grounding the object to the atmosphere. This allows for energy to be salvaged from otherwise being disipated due to inefficiency.

Development History

We are currently developing an interactive timeline as to how the creation of our product came about. Check back in November for it to be finished.